As a young girl, Talia Lee Riley spent her summers running around outside with her brother, getting into mischief in the junk yard that her father owned. The disassembled cars and parts carefully lined up in rows created perfect runways for racing golf carts and the best inconspicuous nooks for games of hide and seek. She can remember vividly when her parents would yell, “Talia Lee!” to wrangle her in at the end of the day. Memories of those days remind Talia of the curiosity that she had as a young child about the inner workings of cars and how the parts fit together.


Similarly, years later she discovered that she had a burning desire to learn about the inner workings of the human body, and earned a Master of Science degree in Medical Illustration. Over the years, her passion for art and science has only grown as Talia continues to delve into the field of medical illustration. The infinite possibilities for visual problem-solving and continuous innovation in the health sciences provides the kind of diversity and challenge that Talia loves. She plans to continue in the life-long learning expedition of medical illustration and the human body, reinventing and refining her craft as she goes. 


Hopkinsville, KY


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